Our Mission

MAGIC is an organization seeking 501(c)3 status based in Colorado. Our mission is focused on expanding education, scientific research, philanthropy, and community outreach in support of literacy in financial privacy as well as privacy infrastructure for the public good.

our programming

MAGIC works towards its mission by providing undergraduate scholarships, research grants, and infrastructure grants, as well as hosting and participating in educational, scientific, or otherwise academic events.

Our Plan

Please check back again soon; this page is under construction.

  • 2019: The Year of the Hen. We are just beginning! We are giving five $1000 USD scholarships to eligible students, we are giving two $3000 USD research grants this year, and we are hosting several fundraising events.

  • 2020: The Year of the Soul. We plan on doubling the amounts of our scholarships and grants this year, and further cementing the role of MAGIC in the academic cryptocurrency community as an important source for philanthropy and outreach.

  • 2021: The Year of the Pig. This year we are keeping our heads down and expanding our programs. We are doubling the number of scholarships and research grants this year over 2020, and we are beginning our infrastructure grant program for primary educational facilities in the US, the EU, and South Africa.

  • 2022: The Year of the Horse. Hopefully we will be off to a gallop this year. We will be doubling our infrastructure grants this year over 2021 and hosting our first annual privacy education conferences.

  • 2023: The Year of the Tortoise. By now MAGIC hopes to have established itself in the academic cryptocurrency community, to host our second annual privacy education conference, and to double both the amounts and numbers of grants and scholarships we give this year, and we hope to