MAGIC is an organization seeking 501(c)3 status based in Colorado. Our mission is focused on expanding education, scientific research, philanthropy, and community outreach in support of literacy in financial privacy as well as privacy infrastructure for the public good. We do this by giving undergraduate scholarships and research grants, and hosting and participating in educational and scientific outreach events.

Photo by  Poodar Chu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Poodar Chu on Unsplash

One of the most important services carried out by MAGIC is to provide scholarships to undergraduate students. MAGIC undergraduate scholarships are for dedicated students interested in studying cryptocurrencies, either directly or indirectly. Students enrolled full time at a public, not for-profit university whose major studies are related to cryptocurrencies either directly or indirectly can apply for a MAGIC scholarship. Preference will be given to students with multidisciplinary interests.

Photo by  Yeshi Kangrang  on  Unsplash

Intended to enable high quality theoretical research into cryptocurrencies and related areas, MAGIC research grants are for qualified graduate students, post-doctoral students, or faculty members. Applicants are expected to have some research and educational history in disciplines related to cryptocurrency. Preference will be given to individuals early in their career with great potential to exhibit leadership in both education and research in fields related to cryptocurrency.

outreach events

One activity that defines MAGIC is our organization of and participation in outreach events. These events are primarily conferences and workshops intended to promote education and scientific research on the topics of financial privacy, information security, and payment privacy infrastructure.

Infrastructure grants

An exciting activity at MAGIC is to provide infrastructure grants to schools, educational institutions, and privacy infrastructure projects. These grants fund computer labs, libraries, and critical infrastructure, and are designed to maximize the impact of our donations.