The mission of Multidisciplinary Academic Grants In Cryptocurrencies (MAGIC) is focused on expanding education, scientific research, philanthropy, and community outreach in support of literacy in financial privacy as well as privacy infrastructure for the public good. It additionally encourages research and education in cryptocurrency topics.

Our goal is to close the loop on the capital being generated in the cryptocurrency industry and the world's education system. We aspire to send kids to college to help prepare them for jobs where digital payment privacy technologies are inevitable. We aspire to build computer labs and give infrastructure grants to underprivileged schools. We aspire to host educational events like conferences. We aspire to provide research grants to researchers studying cryptocurrency-related fields. We aspire to provide grants to support cryptocurrency public goods and infrastructure to lessen the burdens of government. To be precise, our mission is to support privacy infrastructure for the public good, encourage cryptocurrency and privacy research, and further literacy in financial privacy.